• Autism online

    For whom is autism online intended?

    Transcription of “project presentation” video (.pdf, 129kb)

    The autism online project is aimed at professionals, in particular mainstream primary school teachers, and seeks to provide them with a self-service information platform with free and open access.

    The purpose of the platform is to disseminate pedagogical and didactic know-how so as to foster the inclusion of pupils with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The autism online platform can also serve as a training tool for those providing support to autistic pupils and their parents.

    The content of this platform, in French and English, provides professionals and parents with pedagogical paths to work with pupils with an ASD. Different tools (in particular videos of practices with their analysis) are produced for training purposes.

    A multimedia library is available on the platform. It includes the research on which the content of the training programs is based as well as other tools and guides related to the topics dealt with in autisme-en-ligne.eu.

    The English course are available below the French ones.